Sarcoptic mange in three alpacas treated successfully with amitraz.


Sarcoptic mange is a serious skin disease in alpacas that can result in high morbidity and even mortality. Three alpacas were presented with sarcoptic mange that had previously failed to respond to repeated topical applications of eprinomectin, and an injection of doramectin. They were moderately to severely pruritic, had extensive lesions of alopecia, erythema, scaling and crusting, and had lost weight. As no drug is currently licensed for the treatment of sarcoptic mange in alpacas in the UK, they were treated with a topical solution of amitraz (50 mL in 10 L) after initial bathing with antibacterial or keratolytic shampoos. The clinical signs completely resolved with no relapse over a 10-month follow-up period. In this small group of alpacas, amitraz was an effective and well-tolerated treatment for sarcoptic mange.


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