Platelet activation in patients with advanced gastric cancer.


The aim of this study was to evaluate platelet activation in gastric cancer patients with regard to histopathological classification and the presence of distant metastases, by using platelet morphological parameters: MPV, L-PLT, MPC, as well as quantitative evaluation of surface receptor expression: CD41a, CD61, CD42b, CD62P, by flow cytometry at the resting state and after TRAP activation. In gastric cancer patients higher values of MPV and LP, as well as decreased MPC values were determined. Quantitative evaluation of surface antigen expression also revealed higher number of CD41a, CD61 and CD62P molecules, as compared with the platelets in the control group. Significant decrease of CD42b molecules' number after TRAP incubation, and the increased CD41a, CD61 and CD62P expression also point to the retained reactivation capacity of platelets. Good correlation between morphological parameters and the number of CD62P molecules indicates the usefulness of routine tests in evaluation of platelet activation.


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